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What Is the Difference Between National and Local Meal Prep Delivery?


Have you noticed how much more popular meal prep is today? With people hustling hard and living busier lives, many San Diego meal prep businesses are flourishing.

The effects of the pandemic also greatly contributed to the increasing popularity of meal prep. Subscribing to a San Diego keto meal delivery plan is a great way to eat healthily and lose our quarantine weight without adding more to our things-to-do lists.

Local meal prep delivery companies aren’t the only ones flourishing — national meal prep businesses are booming as well.

National vs. Local Meal Prep Delivery

It’s fairly easy to differentiate between national and local meal prep businesses. The differences between the two all stem from the size of the company and its operations.

National meal prep operates all over the U.S. Meanwhile, local ones concentrate on a state, city, or general area.

Naturally, companies that operate and deliver nationwide are more well-known, market to all states, and likely have a bigger online following. These are larger companies with more budget and marketing power.

In comparison, local meal prep in San Diego is smaller, marketed mainly to city residents, and has a smaller following. Even if it may be popular, this only applies to people in the city, area, or neighboring cities.

Benefits National and Local Meal Prep Delivery

As long as we choose a reputable meal prep company, there is no reason to question the quality, taste, or food choices. This applies to both national and local meal delivery prep.

Consumers mostly get the same benefits of meal prepping from these two types of businesses. Chief among these include:

      Spending less time buying groceries

      Spending less time cooking and cleaning up

      Spending less money on takeout

      Keeping better track of food portions, weight, and overall health

      Reducing food waste during preparations

      Increased general convenience

Why Choose Local Meal Prep Over National?

Despite having many of the same advantages, there are a few areas where supporting a local San Diego keto meal delivery offers more benefits.

Supporting Other Homegrown Businesses

The best national and local meal prep companies all ensure their customers get the freshest and healthiest produce — from fruits and vegetables to meats and alternative options. However, buying from a local meal prep company means supporting other local businesses.

This includes farmers, grocers, and even delivery people in your city. By doing so, we are helping create or retain jobs. Supporting local businesses also allows our money to circulate within the community, allowing more local entrepreneurs to gain revenue, and ultimately stimulate the economy of our city.

Meanwhile, as a larger entity, a nationwide meal prep company is more likely to source its produce and other ingredients on a larger scale. This means buying from corporations able to supply by bulk to ensure a uniform quality of ingredients for all customers, no matter where they live.

Lower Transportation Costs and Total Price

Buying from a local meal prep in San Diego that sources its ingredients locally means spending less on transportation costs, delivery fees, and total meal price.

Bigger meal prep businesses that serve customers nationwide generally have key bases of operations. Even if they do serve all the states, they do not have meal prep kitchens in every city they deliver to.

This means longer transport of raw ingredients and more greenhouse gas emissions. It also means nationwide meal prep companies are more likely to have longer delivery times and higher delivery fees.

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