Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bulk meal?

The “bulk-it-up” option will add an extra 2 ounces of protein and double the carbohydrates. This is perfect for athletes, fitness motivated people and those looking for gains.

How do I order keto meals?

Simple. You can click the icon “keto” and the menu will filter all the keto friendly meals.

Can I mix and match keto, classic and vegetarian meals?

Yes, you can order any combination of meals that you would like. We believe in balance and variety.

Are the meals fresh or frozen?

The meals are made from fresh ingredients and then are delivered fresh, never frozen to your front door.

How do I heat the meals up?

Place the meal in a microwave with the lid on and microwave for indicated time on the label or cook on stovetop in a skillet until cooked to desired temperature.

How and when are the meals delivered?

We deliver on Sundays and Wednesdays between the hours of 2 pm and 9 pm. The meals are delivered in insulated, thermal bags with ice packs ensuring their freshness for up to 4 hours if you are not home when the meals are delivered. You will receive a text from your delivery driver when your meals have been delivered.

How do I return the bags and icepacks?

You can leave your empty bags with the icepacks outside you door for the delivery driver to pick up when they drop off your next delivery.

What kind of packaging do you use?

We use biodegradable containers.

When can I select my meals as a subscriber?

You may select your meals after your initial payment and then after each payment process (weekly), you will then be able to select meals for the following week. Note: each renewal will process weekly, on the day of your initial sign up. If you would like your renewal date on a certain day, please let us know and we can adjust that for you. SELECT MEALS To select your meals please visit Log in Click "My Subscription" ` Click "Select Meals" Choose your date(s) Click "Manually Select Meals" After selecting your meals you have the option to order for the next date if applicable or Continue to cart Proceed to checkout. You MUST complete your checkout even as a subscriber. Enjoy! Please remember you cannot chose your meals until after your renewal has processed. If you would like us to change your renewal day for more time to order before the cut off time, please let us know. Thank you.

How do I skip a week as a subscriber?

TO SKIP: go to your profile > my subscription > Skip a delivery > then select the delivery day(s) you wish to skip. You can only skip a delivery day if your reneweal for the date you wish to skip has processed. If this is an issue for you, please reach out to customer service and we can edit your renewal day to allow amble time for skipping and selecting meals. When you skip a delivery day the system will automatically add another delivery date to your subscription plan. Example: John Smith has a 10 meal Sunday and Wednesday subscription. John want to skip his upcoming Sunday delivery. After skipping, immediately a new date will appear in lue of his passed skip. His Wednesday delivery will have 6 meals versus 4 meals because he already paid for those 6 meals he skipped.

What is the difference between Al A Carte and Subscriptions

Subscription: * Auto-renew each week - no need to fill out payment and shipping info * Your food preferences can be managed under your subscription profile * You may select your meals each week after your renewal has processed * If you forget to select your meals, the system will choose based on your food preferences * You may skip a week(s) with our “skip a delivery" function * $10 sign up/ bag fee * Save money with the subscription plans Al A Carte * One time purchase * May order multiple delivery days in a single order * $25 min order per delivery day * No sign-up fee * We recommend this to anyone who wants to try us first

When are the cut off times for ordering

Cut off for Wednesday is Sunday at 2:00pm. Cut off for Sunday is Wednesday at 2:00pm. If your subscription allows, you can place your order for both delivery days. A la carte clients can order multiple delivery days. NOTE: we often keep the menu open for a few extra hours to allow our A la carte customers to place orders if need be. Please do not expect this each week as sometimes we are too busy to allow for late orders.

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