Top 4 Myths of Meal Delivery Services


With more and more people staying at home for work, meal delivery services have become popular throughout the country. However, many preconceived notions surround them, with many myths over shadowing facts. Below is a list of the top 4 myths about meal delivery services, and the truth about them.

Costs Too Much Money

While many seem to think that this is true, it isn’t — in fact, meal delivery services can save you a lot of money. This is possible because through these services you’re ordering food that you want to eat. When you go through the website, you select meals that appeal to you and the best part is that you don’t have to do any groceries.

When you go out to shop for your meals every week, there’s a chance that you’ll stock up on unimportant food items and forget about them in your fridge. This leaves a lot of time for food to go to waste once they rot. As a result, you end up wasting money on food that you never really eat which ultimately goes in the trash instead of serving its purpose.

With Michaela’s Meals, you’ll be able to choose foods that you love and will look forward to eating every week. You’ll be able to enjoy food that’s both nutritional and comes in proportioned sizes to ensure that you’re full after every meal. In this way, nothing goes to waste and you’ll be saving money while reducing the food you waste.

I Won't Like the Food

The whole point behind ready-made meal delivery is to provide subscribers with convenience. Unfortunately, many people believe that this means sacrificing the taste and quality to achieve it. The same people believe that online meal services use additives and genetically-modified ingredients.

The truth is, some food meal delivery services do this, but reputable food delivery services will provide their customers with fresh, all-natural, and healthy ingredients in every meal. Furthermore, you can enjoy a classic meal or order from the meal choices such as keto, paleo, or vegetarian menus. These will be prepared by health-conscious, innovative chefs and a motivated nutritionist at Michaela’s Meals.

Meals are the Same All the Time

When meal delivery services first started, the assortment of food items was limited. These mostly consisted of fast food or some simple Chinese dishes that could be made quickly to be consumed quickly. Today, the choices have multiplied so rapidly that there are almost as many as restaurants.

Now you can order a menu for a week, where the food will be much different compared to what you’ll get next week. The recipe for your orders will be improved many times, the balance of the taste will be perfected, and the cooking technology will be the same way that a professional chef in a restaurant cooks. As a result, you get varying meals from different cuisines with bold flavors that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Microwave isn't Healthy (it's fine but they can also heat stovetop or oven)

Heating food in a microwave oven is indeed convenient, fast, and simple, making it a game-changer in cooking time. But since it was introduced into American homes in the 1960s, many have wondered just how safe it is to cook and eat food from the microwave. Once you understand how they work, however, you’ll know that they're perfectly safe to use.

When you look inside the microwave, a magnetron turns the electricity into microwaves — this is a type of electromagnetic radiation that’s similar to a radio wave. These microwaves then reflect from the metal interior of the appliance and make the water molecules in the food vibrate. As a result, these vibrations cause friction between molecules that heat the food, much like how rubbing our hands can warm them up.

These appliances also produce non-ionizing radiation, which is similar to what cell phones produce. However, non-ionizing radiation doesn’t carry risks like x-rays and other kinds of ionizing radiation do. Microwave energy doesn’t leak from microwaves in good condition, which is why the FDA applies strict standards to every microwave sold in the country.

Try Michaela's Meals Today!

If you’re curious to try meal delivery in San Diego but are still skeptical about the myths that surround them, you won’t be disappointed with Michaela’s Meals. Our healthy, fresh, and gluten-free meals are delivered straight to your door. If you feel that you’re ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle, you can try our subscription-based meals or you can purchase a one-time order.

For San Diego meal delivery services, there’s nothing better than Michaela’s Meals. For more details, you can visit our website at Michaela’s Meals or call us at (619) 818- 9784. 

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