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Staying Lean in San Diego All Year Around


The first quarter of the year is almost done. How are you doing with your fitness goals and New Year’s resolutions for 2022? Committing to fitness resolution is a challenge — but not as much if you’re living in San Diego.

San Diego is the perfect city to help us reach all our fitness goals for the year. From the amazing climate to ultra-convenient San Diego meal prep, the city truly has everything we may need to live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle.

Unbeatable Sunny Weather

California in general has an awesome Mediterranean-like climate, with its warm, dry summers and mild, sometimes wet winters. San Diego has some of the best weather on the east coast, though.

The city gets an average of 266 days of sunshine. In the summer, the days only get as hot as 25 or 26 degrees — giving us great temperatures to explore the many great outdoor workout spots in the city.

Winters in San Diego aren’t too cold, either. The sunny weather persists, though temperatures do drop. At their lowest, temperatures can reach the lower to mid-50s. Even if trips to the beach may be too cold, it’s still the right temperature for daily runs and occasional hikes when you bundle up.

Working Out in San Diego

Did you know that San Diego is one of the best places to promote and commit to an active lifestyle? In WalletHub’s new study, San Diego was found to be the fourth-best city to maintain an active and healthy way of life.

This isn’t just because of the great weather we get here. Despite its size, San Diego is among the top 20 most walkable large cities in the country. The neighborhoods of Little Italy, Core-Columbia, and Harborview are the city’s most walkable neighborhoods.

More importantly, the city has a plethora of amazing beaches hiking trails, parcourses, and so much more outdoor workout spots. Here are some to check out:


If you’re not a fan of getting hot and sticky with sweat under the sun, then watersports could be the perfect workout for you. This way, the cool waters of the ocean can help you stay cool while working out.

San Diego has plenty of beaches for swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, and more. La Jolla Shores is perfect for beginner surfers while Black’s Beach and Tourmaline Beach are excellent spots for experienced surfers.

Mission Bay is popular for experienced and newbie kayakers. If you prefer kayaking over calmer waters, then Carlsbad Lagoon is a good alternative.

Running Routes

The city of San Diego has plenty of long-running routes and trails to get our hearts pumping. For a scenic route, check out the popular three-mile boardwalk from Mission Beach to Pacific Beach or the two-mile trail at Sunset Cliffs.

The 100-step staircase of the San Diego Convention Center provides a great workout to get your appetite all worked up, too. For an even greater challenge, try the 245-step stairway of the La Mesa Secret Stairs.


There’s no denying that gym memberships are awesome but not everyone might have the budget for it. The many parcourses around San Diego provide everyone with free workout courses for stretching, cardio, calisthenics, and strength building.

The Embarcadero Marina Park South parcourse has several push-up, pull-up, and dip stations. The De Anza Cove Parcourse has around a dozen stretch and strength stations, as well as helpful explanations on how to use them. Meanwhile, the 2.5 mile Perrier Parcourse features 18 stations, which include a balance beam, log hops, and pull-up bars.

Colorful and Vibrant Culinary Scene

Hours of exercise wouldn’t be effective alone — you also need to ensure you eat a balanced diet to achieve your fitness goals. San Diego shines in this department as well.

San Diego may be known for its tacos and Mexican food, but other cultures and countries are well-represented in the city’s food scene as well. It has plenty of fantastic Italian, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern, and South and South East Asian food places.

The city has numerous casual and fine-dining restaurants, food trucks, and hole-in-the-walls to fit anyone’s palette or dietary needs.

Additionally, the San Diego meal prep scene is popular and thriving, too. If you need well-balanced meals but don’t have enough time to cook, delivery and meal prep in San Diego can take care of everything for you.

Committing to Positive Lifestyle Changes

It can be easy to let temptation and laziness get in the way of staying lean and healthy. Here in San Diego, it’s equally easy to find ways to overcome those challenges. We can thank the sunny weather and the numerous workout spots in the city for that.

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