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How Do Food Containers Make a Difference in Meal Delivery?


Have you wondered why the plastic food containers we’ve used for so long are suddenly getting replaced by cardboard or other disposable materials? Plastic pollution is one of the biggest issues in the world today and is threatening to envelop the world in trash. At Michaela’s Meals, we implemented a more green initiative — and we’re here to share it with you. Read on below to find out how food containers make a difference in meal delivery.

What is Plastic Pollution?

As mentioned, plastic is rapidly taking over our lands and oceans. Because too much plastic is being manufactured, there are just not enough environmentally-friendly and safe ways to dispose of them. This is especially true in places where garbage collection systems aren’t doing as much as they need to.

Plastic pollution has become such a huge problem that efforts are being negotiated by the United Nations for a solution.

How Plastic Negatively Harms Our World

Plastic can stay intact in its environment for a long time, so it can become both dangerous and destructive. Here are just a few reasons why plastic should no longer be used.

●      Plastic can exist for decades if it’s not disposed of

●      Plastic is a contributing factor to global warming because they’re made of chemicals produced from fuels such as oil, gas, and coal

●      Plastics can spread toxins and is highly dangerous when swallowed by wildlife

●      Burning plastics releases toxic air and gases that can negatively impact our climate

●      Being too reliant on plastics will only prolong the need for it — it needs to change

Benefits of Biodegradable Containers

Implementing the use of compostable food containers in our kitchen ensures a safe, and sustainable way to pack and deliver food. But there are advantages for both customers and business owners when you switch over to biodegradable containers. Here are just a few of them.

They are Easy to Dispose Of

Recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable food containers provide quick and easy disposal for both businesses and their customers. As a result, it provides them with more options to eliminate materials that won’t be used for any other purpose. This can work particularly well for companies that want to provide convenience to their customers from start to finish.

Free of Allergens and Toxins

While the options for biodegradable packaging may still be limited, most of them are made from allergy-free, and non-toxic materials. Companies who want to ensure the safety of their consumers should always consider the composition of the packaging products that they purchase. If you see anything that’s potentially dangerous, even if it’s something you see on labels daily, it’s best to choose a safer, biodegradable option.

Catering To Your Customers’ Needs

If you’re an environmentally-conscious business, chances are that your customers will also be looking for eco-friendly solutions. As such, it’s up to you to meet their needs and meet the high standards of environmental compliance. Moreover, 70% of younger consumers between 15 and 20 years of age want to buy goods that are made from sustainable and biodegradable plastics.

Biodegradable Packaging Needs Fewer Resources

Biodegradable packaging is highly beneficial for the environment (and by extension, us) because it can potentially reduce the following:

●      Solid waste

●      Water usage

●      Emissions

●      Electricity

Moreover, it lowers the expenses that companies spend on the packaging process because it’s sustainable. In the long run, the savings that you make once you transition over to biodegradable packaging will be worth it.

Biodegradable Packaging Has a Lower Production Cost

A business owner who is committed to sustainable packaging will know that they need to follow the three Rs of sustainability:

●      Reuse

●      Reduce

●      Recycle

By following these basic rules, any business or company will be able to significantly cut costs, use fewer resources, and reuse inexpensive, purchasing, and inventory recycled materials. As a result, they will be able to reduce their expenses over the years and will be able to use their money on more important expenses.

Why Choose Michaela’s Meals?

If you’re looking for organic meal delivery in San Diego, Michaela’s Meals offers delicious food that comes in sustainable and eco-friendly packages. We ensure that all of the containers where we serve your meals meet the strictest compositing standards. Our containers are safe to use in freezers and microwaves and are also safe to use for composting.

If you’re looking to use them for hot liquids, no worries — our containers can handle hot liquids up to 220 Fahrenheit and are lined with compostable PLA bioplastic instead of plastics or wax. No matter what meal you order, you can be sure that our containers are safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Do your part to protect the environment today while enjoying great food from Michaela’s Meals. 

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