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Does Organic Food Really Make a Difference?


While exploring markets, malls, or the internet, it’s impossible to not catch wind of organic foods. While it was once a smaller market limited to health stores and diet-conscious shoppers, organic foods have become increasingly mainstream in recent years thanks to the benefits they promise.

However, many people have been left uncertain; is there really any credibility to these promises? Does organic food really make that much of a difference to your health?

Michaela’s Meals, your local organic meal delivery San Diego service, is here to shed light on the matter. We’ll discuss what makes food “organic” and why organic food is a good option for people on any diet.

What Makes Food “Organic?”

Different regions across the world have different criteria for what makes something organic. This way, companies and growers can’t simply slap the label on whatever product they have. These criteria cover all of the stages of food production, from growing to storage.

In the US, organic food needs to be grown and distributed without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. They should be non-GMO as well, meaning they haven’t undergone any sort of genetic modification. Similar conditions should be met for livestock: they need to grow as close as possible to their natural living conditions and eat food without hormones, antibiotics, or other synthetic additives.

The Benefits of Organic Food

Thanks to the natural growing methods and the lack of synthetic substances that go into organic food, there are many proven benefits for consumers:

Assured Safety

The chemicals used in pesticides are harmful in many ways. When ingested, they can become carcinogens, affect the development of the brain, and cause disruptions in natural hormone production. Many consumers have shifted to organic food because buying organic is the only way that consumers can be sure their produce is safe. Today, farmers of organic crops use ingredients derived from natural sources, like chili peppers and eucalyptus, to deter pests without the use of unsafe chemicals.

Guaranteed Freshness

Since organic foods do not have preservatives, they do not last as long during transportation. Because of this, many stores and meal prep companies like ours source ingredients from local farmers to reduce transportation time. Not only are customers getting crops that are free from preservatives like ethylene dibromide, but they’re also getting something that’s freshly harvested. Thanks to this, their food is more nutritious and flavorful.

Increased Nutritional Value

Organic foods generally contain more nutrients, including antioxidants, flavonoids, and other compounds that reduce free radicals in the body. This is partially because of how organic foods are grown; they are only harvested and prepared while they're in-season. This means that they’re fresher and are more likely to produce healthy compounds than those that are forced to grow out-of-season.

Versatile Ingredients

The most underrated benefit of organic and whole foods is how versatile they can be. Most of them can be used as ingredients in strict diets like keto and paleo, so you won’t need to make huge adjustments to your grocery list when switching to organic foods. They can also be incorporated into snacks to help you avoid eating processed or unhealthy foods.

Meal Prep for Organic Foods: A Convenient Option

A lot of us are too busy to prepare our own food every day, and some are just not at all skilled in cooking. That’s why subscribing to a meal prep plan is a convenient choice for busy individuals who still want to stay healthy.

At Michaela’s Meals, we cook and deliver tasty and filling meals using organic, gluten-free, and fresh ingredients. That way, you can get the nutrients you need without worrying about pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Our meat is responsibly sourced, too, making our meals the perfect choice for those who want to maintain a healthy diet.

We offer three types of meals: classic, vegetarian, and keto. Within each category are more options that you can customize according to your needs; whichever kind of diet you're currently following, we’ll have the perfect meals for you.

Organic Meal Delivery San Diego

If you’re in San Diego, organic meal delivery is just a click away. At Michaela’s Meals, we deliver organic meals right to your doorstep; you won’t have to worry about grocery shopping or meal planning. Just subscribe to a meal plan, and you’ll get delicious and nutritious food brought right to you. Check out our menu today!

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