Benefits of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Are you curious about the pink salt that has suddenly appeared everywhere? Himalayan pink sea salt comes in various forms, including rubs, scrubs, and lamps, which is why they’ve become so popular in recent years. In this blog post, we share some of the most important benefits that you can get from consuming Himalayan salt, along with why we use them in our ready-made meals.

What Is Pink Himalayan Salt?

This particular type of salt is mined from the Salt Range mountains within Pakistan’s Punjab region. It is a form of rock salt that displays a pink color because of impurities inside. Himalayan sea salt has been mined as far back as the 1200s, where it was historically used for food preservation and preparation.

There were times when Himalayan pink salt was sold as “Jurassic” sea salt. This is false, though, since it formed a lot earlier than the Jurassic period. However, it did come from the sea but dried up a long time ago which then left behind many salt deposits. When finely ground, pink salt will appear lighter compared to the coarse version you’d get from a salt grinder.

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

Many people believe that salt is bad for our health because we know that along with too much salt, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are contributing factors in heart disease. However, a huge part of our salt intake comes from processed foods, rather than sea salts which are full of minerals. According to the American Heart Association, we should only consume 1,500 mg of sodium, but this can stack up very fast, considering how much sodium is in daily food items such as:

     A pinch of table salt: 155 mg

     A Hot dog: 700 mg

     Fast food cheeseburger: 750mg

     One serving of frozen lasagna: 1200 mg

While eating too many frozen and processed foods can be harmful, it’s important to remember that pure sea salt is packed in minerals that can help our bodies function in important ways. Here are just a few more benefits to Himalayan pink salt.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Can Improve Digestion

At Michaela’s Meals, we incorporate this nutritionally-rich salt in all our healthy meals which make their way all over San Diego. The various minerals it contains helps to balance the body’s pH levels, which can provide us with better immunity. It also provides us with a more efficient way to digest and process our food. This is especially important in these uncertain times when we need to protect ourselves from COVID-19.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Can Help to Detoxify the Body

In total, Himalayan salt has over 80 different minerals and elements, all of which help our body in its natural detoxification process and promote the elimination of bacteria. Just a few of the extra minerals it contains include:





Because of this, people who live in “Blue Zones” have relied on sea salt and have made it part of their Mediterranean diet. This, according to studies, may lead to longevity.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Can Lower Blood Pressure

Table salt is highly processed, it contains more sodium and fewer minerals compared to Himalayan salt. When you make the switch from table salt to Himalayan salt, it will be easier for your body to process it. This is because it doesn’t need as much water to clear out of our body.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Can Aid in Hydration

In contrast to what we believe, Himalayan salt can help to keep us hydrated. If you want a great post-workout drink, opt for lemon water with some sea salt. On average, the human body needs 64 ounces of water a day (unfortunately, most of us don’t get this much) and if we don’t adhere to this requirement, the body will be able to feel it.

Because our bodies are made of approximately 65% water, we’ll get fatigued if it drops by as little as 2%. Lemon water and sea salt work in the same way as many sports drinks do, which replaces the electrolytes we lose during a workout. As a result, it can bring back our hydration and energy.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is Rich in Iodine

Moreover, Himalayan salt naturally has a lot of iodine — this is a mineral that food companies artificially add to table salt. Fortunately, the natural iodine in Himalayan salt works to help the body create a balance in our electrolytes. This, in turn, will help our intestines absorb nutrients while lowering our blood pressure.

Healthy Meal Delivery in San Diego

For healthy meals that promote the body’s optimum functions, get ready-made meals delivered to your door from Michaela’s Meals. We serve only the healthiest food, which means we substitute Himalayan salt in place of table salt, which means you can enjoy food more while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For great meals without the guilt, be sure to check out our current menu.

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