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5 Misconceptions About Vegetarian Meal Delivery


Over the past few years, plant-based foods, restaurants, and meal deliveries have grown by the dozen. It’s a testament to vegetarian food’s growing popularity and people’s changing tastes or openness to trying new, healthier meal options.

However, there are still many misconceptions and myths that surround vegetarian food. This has led many to seriously misunderstand vegetarian food and even avoid them.

Don’t let these misconceptions keep you from going vegetarian — whether fully or partially. Let’s debunk five of the most common misconceptions and myths about vegetarian meal delivery.

Myth #1: Vegetarian meals are boring, bland, and taste the same.

Many people mistakenly think that going vegetarian means living off of steamed vegetables, tofu, and rice. That is decidedly untrue!

There are countless unconventional or exotic fruits and vegetables available to give us a taste of something new. Moreover, cooking vegetarian meals doesn’t mean we can’t use spices, aromatics, and other natural flavorings. It also doesn’t keep us from frying, baking, or grilling our food.

Vegetarian food can be just as exciting and delicious as any regular fare you’d find elsewhere. The taste of the food mostly boils down to the recipe used and to who cooked it. Creative and innovative vegetarian recipes are easy to find online, from the staple tofu scramble to trendy avocado toast and green matcha lattes.

There are also many amazing restaurants and meal deliveries that offer eye-catching plant-based meals that do not sacrifice the taste. Many vegetarian meals look more colorful and more appetizing than some regular food.

Myth #2: It’s impossible to build muscle on a vegetarian diet.

This misconception stems from the fact that following a vegetarian diet means removing protein-rich meats from our diet. Since protein is the most important nutrient to help us build muscle, many mistakenly think that eating vegetarian meals will keep us from our gains.

There are many plant-based sources of protein. These include:

Legumes, such as beans, peas, peanuts chickpeas, and lentils

Soybeans and soy-based products, like tofu, tempeh, or soy milk

Nuts, including almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pistachios

With proper meal planning, it’s possible to still build muscle on a purely vegetarian diet. Those that need more protein than what they can get from nuts, legumes, and soy, can try more flexible vegetarian diets.
Lacto-ovo-vegetarians include eggs and dairy products in their diet. Eggs, milk, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt are all rich sources of protein.

Myth #3: Vegetarian meals are bad for our health.

The reason behind this thinking is the assumption that only eating fruits and vegetables would not provide a balanced diet. The lack of a balanced diet, or rather the lack of meat products, leads some people to think vegetarians would lack various nutrients and minerals.

These include protein, iron, B vitamins, calcium, and more. All of these nutrients and minerals are also present in beans, tofu, green leafy vegetables, and more. Careful meal planning will help ensure we meet our daily required nutrients.

Although not guaranteed, eating vegetarian meals can help us with long-term weight loss. A vegetarian or plant-based diet is linked to not only lower body mass index but also lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Myth #4: It’s hard to source and prepare vegetarian meals.

Cooking vegetarian meals is much the same as cooking any regular meal. Just as there are complicated recipes, there are easy ones as well.

Many vegetarian meals require less than ten or even less than five ingredients and still taste just as tasty as regular meals. Fewer ingredients often also mean faster cooking time.

While it’s true that vegetarian meat substitutes are more expensive, they are more widely available than ever. Many vegetarian meat replacements are available in major grocery stores. Moreover, it’s possible and very easy to order vegetarian-approved ingredients online and have them delivered to our doorstep.

Meal prep and delivery businesses that cater to the vegetarian community are also steadily increasing in number. Thanks to this, people who have difficulty sourcing or cooking vegetarian meals can simply order from one place and have everything they need to enjoy a warm, tasty, and filling vegetarian meal.

Myth #5: Vegetarian meal deliveries are extremely expensive.

No, of course not. There’s no denying that there are expensive meal deliveries out there, but this applies to all kinds of meal prep and deliveries — not just for vegetarian diets. 

One of the main price drivers of vegetarian meal deliveries is the cost of meat substitutes, plant-based milk, and organic fruits and vegetables. Following a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet and opting for a mix of organic and commercially grown produce can help lower the costs of making vegetarian meals.

There are vegetarian meal delivery companies in San Diego that offer reasonably priced, healthy, and flavorful plant-based food. In many cases, vegetarian meal prep kits and meal deliveries are priced the same as regular meals.

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